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Smile Reconstruction & Cosmetic Dentistry in the Washington Metropolitan Area

Dr. Peter L. Calomeris has completed many "Smile Reconstruction" procedures from his two current offices serving the Washington Metropolitan Area. These procedures have given confidence back to people who were previously self-conscious about their smile. We also provide several services as a cosmetic and general dentist.
Smile Reconstruction
This patient wanted to change his smile for years, but life got in the way of doing something about it. Due to severe wear, missing, and drifted teeth, a combination of treatments was necessary.

Cosmetic enhancement and improving his ability to chew was performed using porcelain crowns. This advanced case is an example of what a highly-trained cosmetic dentist can accomplish.
Cosmetic Dentistry
At our office, we know that our patients need a convenient, efficient dental experience. We also know that you want a variety of choices, and a dental staff that can help educate you.

We provide the following cosmetic procedures to suit your needs:
Crowns - tooth in Riverdale, MD
Veneers - service in Riverdale, MD
Teeth Whitening - whitening in Riverdale, MD
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening and Bleaching
A lot of people feel their teeth could be whiter, or that they aren't as white as they used to be. This gentleman wanted a quick whitening before his class reunion. He chose the 1-hour, in-office light-activated system. A number of his old classmates commented on his "bright smile."
Contact us to schedule an appointment and see the difference just 1 teeth whitening session can make for you!
Smile Reconstruction Before and After-Smile Reconstruction, Teeth Whitening in Riverdale, MD
 Teeth Whitening Before and After-Smile Reconstruction, Teeth Whitening in Riverdale, MD